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Liquid Floor Screed

Ultraflo Screed 

What is Ultraflo® ?

Ultraflo® is a hemihydrate floor screed supplied throughout Ireland. Hemihydrate liquid floor screeds have been developed in Germany and have been used successfully throughout Europe for over 25 years and in Ireland for the past 5 years. This environmentally friendly product, manufactured from a by-product of flu gas desulphurisation has been awarded many prestigious environmental awards.

As it is not a cement-based product it is not subject to shrinkage cracking and curling; issues more commonly associated with traditional screeds.

It is superior to other liquid screeds due to its hemihydrate formulation.  A key benefit of a hemihydrate floor screed is that it does not suffer from surface laitance (a scum/dust of material adhering to the top of the screed during the curing process).  This unique advantage means Ultraflo® hemihydrate requires no buffing/grinding to the floor surface prior to application of floor finishes.

Why choose Ultraflo® ?

The screed is liquid in nature, which flows to give a self-smoothing finish, and is virtually self-leveling. It is pump applied and only requires minimal tamping to achieve a smooth level surface that is able to take light traffic after only 24hours.  Unlike anhydrite screeds, Ultraflo®  hemihydrate floor screed is not subject to formation of any surface layers or laitance.

As a result its high compressive and flexural strengths it can be installed at minimum depth of 30mm. The shallower depths result in reduced weight and significantly shorter drying times.

This screed is suitable for most floating floor applications, such as residential, commercial, industrial, health and education. It is inorganic and bacteria resistant which make it the perfect solution for buildings where infection control is paramount, such as hospitals, schools or pharmaceutical factories.

Ultraflo® offers superb benefits when used with under floor heating systems.  It is a solid high-density screed with a greater thermal conductivity than traditional screeds. As a result of this, under floor heating systems can operate at significantly lower temperatures than those used with traditional screed, to produce the equivalent room temperatures. The liquid nature of the screed enables it to fully encapsulate the under floor heating pipes, to give maximum heat transfer into the screed, greatly improving the efficiency of under floor heating systems and significantly improving the heat response time.


Ultraflo® is a quality assured product.  It has been designed to comply with the requirements of BS EN 13813:2002 and is used in accordance with the code of practice for floor screeds BS8204: Part 7.  Each load is tested for flow characteristics prior to discharge to ensure a consistent quality product.

  • Not subject to shrinkage cracking or curling, meaning substantial reduction of movement joints
  • Fast heat response times resulting in greater thermal efficiency when used with under floor heating.
  • Speed of installation, up to 2000m2 per day, and is virtually self-levelling.
  • Reduced laying depths, weights and drying times (as little as 50mm required).
  • Allows light traffic in 24 hours.
  • Less labour intensive installation.
  • Economical alternative to traditional sand:cement screed.
  • Quality controlled mix for consistency. (Accredited to ISO 9001)
  • Eco-friendly credentials, being formulated from a by-product of flue gas desulphurisation.